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Knowledge Center


The Knowledge Center is a resource library of the most commonly asked questions members have posed to the NYSVMS office.  Several documents have been written by NYSVMS legal counsel where a legal opinion, or an interpretation of current law, is needed.


We welcome you to rate each page you reference by clicking the star rating at the top of each page.  This helps us identify which documents are most helpful and which articles need additional explanation.

Connections Online

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Learn more on the stories included in Connections magazine.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
N/D 14: CE for public service legislation Link Administration 12/17/2014
N/D 14: Devocalization legislation Link Administration 12/17/2014
N/D 14: Animal Dentistry legislation Link Administration 12/17/2014
N/D 14: Abandoned Animal Notification Link Administration 12/17/2014
N/D 14: Sample Power of Attorney form Link Administration 12/12/2014
S/O 14: B cell Monoclonal and T cell Monoclonal  Link  more ] Administration 9/19/2014
S/O 14: Lomustine Trial Link  more ] Administration 9/19/2014
S/O 14: T-chomp Trial Link  more ] Administration 9/19/2014
S/O 14: Searchable Trial Database Link Administration 9/19/2014
S/O 14: USDA approves T-Cell Lymphoma Therapy Link Administration 9/19/2014
S/O 14: Canine Melanoma Vaccine Link Administration 9/19/2014
S/O 14: AMC Lymphoma Trial Link Administration 9/19/2014
S/O 14: Ca. Equine Event Biosecurity Toolkit  Link  more ] Administration 8/5/2014
S/O 14: Animal Bite-associated Infections Link  more ] Administration 8/5/2014

Controlled Substances

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
General Questions on I-Stop Provisions Link Administration 8/27/2013
Obtaining a HCS account for unlicensed staff PDF (1003.02 KB) Administration 8/27/2013
How to apply for a HCS account PDF (909.44 KB) Administration 8/27/2013
NYSVMS provides additional information on BNE dail Link Administration 8/27/2013
BNE doesn't grant veterinary exemption  Link Administration 8/26/2013
Update on PPA Link Administration 8/23/2013
Disposal and Destruction of Controlled Substances Link Administration 8/21/2013
DOH Guide to Online CSI Program Link Administration 8/21/2013
Changes to CS Schedule - February 2013 - Tramadol Link Administration 8/21/2013


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Knowledge Center articles related to disease prevention like rabies, lyme, heartworm, safety plans, etc.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Canine Influenza Joint Statement PDF (255.94 KB) Administration 4/23/2015
Canine Influenza Fact Sheet PDF (24.09 KB) Administration 4/23/2015
Imported Dogs with Questionable Documentation PDF (206.41 KB) Administration 6/26/2014
CDC Instructions on Reviewing Rabies Certificates PDF (81.58 KB) Administration 6/26/2014
Eastern Equine Encephalitis - Ag & Markets Letter Link Administration 8/22/2013
Rabies Immunization for Animal Handlers Link Administration 8/21/2013

DVM Licensure laws

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Knowledge Center resources about becoming a licensed veterinarian
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
60-day grace period for new licensees Link Administration 8/21/2013


Item Name Posted By Date Posted
NYSED CE Frequently Asked Questions Link Administration 10/18/2013
NYSED Approved CE Providers Link Administration 10/18/2013
NYSED CE Resource PDF (48.05 KB)  more ] Administration 10/18/2013


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Forms related to the practice of veterinary medicine: Pet Lemon law, DEA registration, consent form, hospital admission form
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Hospital Admission Form Link Administration 12/12/2014
AVMA Model Consent Form Link Administration 12/12/2014
Pet Cemetery/Euthanasia/Disposal Form PDF (64.2 KB) Administration 12/23/2013
Signing Electronic Medical Records Link Administration 8/22/2013
Unfit for Purchase Pet Lemon Form Link Administration 8/21/2013

Hospital Staff: LVTs, Unlicensed Employees

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Can an LVT perform euthanasia? PDF (38.2 KB) Administration 12/17/2014
Duties of LVTs and Unlicensed Personnel Link Administration 1/26/2015
Restraining Animals in X-ray Link Administration 10/22/2013

Medical Records

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Knowledge Center articles related to veterinary medical records
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Who owns patient records? Link Administration 12/12/2014
Electronic Medical Records - Q&A PDF (58.47 KB) Administration 1/22/2014
Best Practices - Medical Records Link Administration 8/22/2013
Veterinary Medical Records FAQ Link Administration 8/21/2013


Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Declaw Legislation Position Paper PDF (204.48 KB) Administration 4/20/2015
NYSVMS Bylaws PDF (84.85 KB) Administration 3/18/2015
2015 NYSVMS Legislative Agenda PDF (1.1 MB) Administration 3/27/2015
2015 JPG (318.09 KB) Administration 12/9/2014
NYSVMS Statement on AVMA Resolution 1 PDF (109.47 KB) Administration 7/18/2014
Take the LEAP! Join NYSVMS Link Administration 8/21/2013
GRLN - Grassroots Legislative Network Link Administration 8/21/2013
NYSVMS by the Numbers Link Administration 8/21/2013

NYSVMS Publications

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2015 January February PDF (7.25 MB) Administration 2/25/2015
2014 November December PDF (9.16 MB) Administration 2/25/2015
2014 September October PDF (9.04 MB) Administration 10/6/2014
2014 July August PDF (2.6 MB) Administration 7/18/2014
2014 May June PDF (2.8 MB) Administration 7/18/2014
2014 March April PDF (2.94 MB) Administration 7/18/2014
2014 January February PDF (2.04 MB) Administration 7/18/2014
2015 Advertising Kit PDF (204.17 KB) Administration 10/6/2014


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Contains Knowledge Center articles related to pharmacy, pet medications, compounding, controlled substances and other topics related to drugs.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Electronic Prescriptions PDF (177.27 KB) Administration 3/31/2015
Can unlicensed staff prepare/dispense prescription Link Administration 12/12/2014
Official NYS prescription pad Link Administration 4/22/2014
Online Pharmacy Q&A PDF (46.9 KB) Administration 4/17/2014
Prescription Drug Reform Act (I-STOP) Link Administration 8/21/2013
Prescription Drug FAQ Link Administration 8/21/2013
Federal and State Regulations on Compounding Link Administration 8/21/2013

Veterinary Practice Management

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Articles related to the business of owning/managing a veterinary hospital/clinic
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
When OPD comes knocking Link Administration 12/22/2014
Euthanization request in a client's will Link Administration 12/12/2014
Power of Attorney questions Link Administration 12/12/2014
Disposal of Unclaimed Animal Remains Link Administration 12/12/2014
Annual Wage Notice Requirement eliminated PDF (322.32 KB) Administration 6/26/2014
Selling or Closing a Veterinary Practice Link Administration 4/30/2014
Guide to NYS Sales Tax Link Administration 8/21/2013
Declaring an Animal Abandoned Link Administration 8/21/2013
Sales Tax on Cremation Link Administration 8/21/2013
Duty to Attend - Can a Vet Withdraw from a Case? Link Administration 8/21/2013
Record Retention Schedule Link Administration 8/21/2013
Wage Theft Prevention Act Link Administration 8/21/2013
Advertising FAQ Link Administration 8/21/2013
Abandoned Animals Link Administration 8/21/2013


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Resources, including current standards, for Veterinary Facility Accreditation Program.
Standards current as of 2012.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
VFAP Brochure Link Administration 8/21/2013
VFAP Accredited Hospitals Link Administration 8/21/2013
VFAP Evaluation Video Link Administration 8/21/2013
VFAP Standards 2012 PDF (585.86 KB)  more ] Administration 5/19/2013
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