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AVMA Model Consent Form
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Standard Consent Form
(EB 4/00; EB affirmed 4/05-oversight: CoVS)
(Hospital Letterhead)

Owner's Name:___________________________________________________


Patient's Name:___________________________________________________




Date of Birth:_____________________________________________________

I am the owner or the agent for the owner of the animal described above, and I have the authority to execute this consent.

I hereby consent and authorize Dr. (principal veterinarian or owner)/staff to perform the following procedures or operations:

The nature of these operations or procedures has been explained to me, and I understand what will be done.

I have also been informed that there are certain risks and complications associated with any operation or procedure of this type. They have been explained to me as well. I further understand that during the course of the operations or procedures, unforeseen conditions may arise that may necessitate the performance of additional procedures.

I authorize the use of appropriate anesthesia and pain relief medication as needed before or after the procedure. I have been informed that there are risks associated with the use of any medication. 

I understand that hospital support personnel will be used as deemed necessary by the veterinarian.

Date: ____________________________________

Notes for Potential Users of the Standard Consent Form 
(Not to be printed as part of form)
1. It should be understood that this form will not protect the veterinarian from liability for malpractice (negligence). Releases from liability for malpractice, executed by a client prior to the occurrence of the negligent act, are generally disfavored by the courts. The proposed form is designed merely to protect the veterinarian from liability for intentional acts such as interference with another's property, which means, in fact, permission to do the operation(s) or procedure(s).

2. When more than one veterinarian is involved in the practice, the name of the hospital or clinic should be shown as well as the name of the individual veterinarian. If the number of veterinarians in a clinic or hospital is few enough to make it practical, all consents should include not only the hospital or clinic name and the name of the individual veterinarian, but also the names of other veterinarians practicing in the clinic as partners or otherwise. Where appropriate, such information should be preprinted.

3. The description of the procedures should be brief but sufficiently comprehensive to cover the situation.

4. Users may omit any part of this form with which they disagree.


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