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NYS-VC Spring Conference Highlight: Jim Humphries
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Strategic Marketing - From Traditional To Social Media

Presented by: Jim Humphries, DVM

NYS-VC Spring, Friday, May 16, 1:30-5:50 p.m.

  • Reputation Management - Protecting Your Online Integrity

1)    Online reputation management is vital for your practice. You can control and even limit the damage from negative reviews.

2)    It’s extremely important to have a plan for listening in social media and then claiming ownership of your business on the various review sites.

3)    Making sure your website, blog and other social sites are updated regularly can help lessen the impact of a negative review.

  • Traditional Media Overview and How Social Media Has Changed How It's Done

1)    There is still a lot of value in traditional media for marketing and publicizing your practice.

2)    Traditional media needs your help as they attempt to adapt to the “new” media.

3)    The power of traditional media can be amplified by knowing how to use your appearances in your social media and clinic websites/blogs. 

4)    Social media has power, but it is not a replacement for other types of marketing nor will it “save” you if you don’t already have good client service.


  • From Coupons to Facebook, The Practical and Personal Side of Practice Promotion

1)    Back to basics in traditional marketing can really pay off. This session looks at Practical and Personal Marketing. Face-to-Face, Networking, Affiliations, Coupons, Monthly Neighborhood Papers and Coupons. 

2)    Then we dive into social media. It is more than just setting up an account. It is engaging and interacting with the people who follow you and encouraging them to share your information with others.

3)    Hard, blatant marketing through social media almost never works. People want a conversation; they don’t want to be “sold.”

4)    Part of your social media success will be to understand where your audience is and focusing your efforts on a few select networks.

  • Social Media - The How To's and Button Pushing

1)    Not all of your posts/tweets/videos, etc will be seen by all of your followers in your social network. You must understand what types of posts encourage engagement and will therefore increase your potential “virality.”

2)    One main goal in any social network is to have your followers share your content with their friends. Increased visibility offers you more chances to gain a new client. Connect with highly connected people!

3)    The rule is to keep them “coming home,” which is to your website. Use all the nice tools, but your home on the web is the most important place. 


The way we communicate with our clients has evolved and changed rapidly.  Even the way those same clients are gathering information has changed drastically.  Understanding these changes will help you be better prepared for any opportunity to market and publicize your practice…at little to no cost!  Traditional media is still the big powerhouse and should be pursued and leveraged into all your presence on the web.

Having a presence in social media, from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube, is more than just creating an account.  Your practice must find ways to engage your followers and encourage them to share information you are providing.  Further, the lost art of practical and personal marketing needs to make a return. 

Now you have your social network set up, what are some of the best practices that you need to know in order to engage your followers?  Find out the best times to post, the types of posts that encourage interaction and how to keep the conversation polite.

In this world of almost instantaneous communications, one small oversight or mistake by your practice can quickly become a public relations nightmare - before your clients get in their car!  How are you monitoring what your clients and your community are saying about you?  What’s your plan for addressing complaints and bad reviews on sites like Yelp, Facebook and others? 

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