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Record Retention Schedule
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Accident reports/claims (settled cases) - 7 years

Accounts payable ledgers and schedules - 7 years

Accounts receivable ledgers and schedules - 7 years

Audit reports - Permanently

Bank reconciliations - 2 years

Bank statements - 3 years

Capital stock and bond records ledgers, transfer registers, stubs showing issues, record of interest coupons, options, etc. - Permanently

Charts of accounts - Permanently

Checks (canceled – see exception below) - 7 years

Checks (canceled for important payments, i.e. taxes, purchases of property, special contracts, etc. Check should be filed with papers pertaining to the underlying transaction) - Permanently

Contracts, mortgages, notes, and leases (expired) - 7 years

Contracts, mortgages, notes, and leases (still in effect) - Permanently

Correspondence (general) - 2 years

Correspondence (legal and important matters only) - Permanently

Correspondence (routine) with customers and/or vendors - 2 years

Deeds, mortgages, and bills of sale - Permanently

Depreciation schedules - Permanently

Duplicate deposit slips - 2 years

Employment applications - 3 years

Expense analyses/expense distribution schedules - 7 years

Financial statements (year-end, other optional) - Permanently

Garnishments - 7 years

General/Private ledgers (year-end trial balance) - Permanently

Insurance policies (expired) - 3 years

Insurance records, current accident reports, claims, policies, etc. - Permanently

Internal audit reports (longer retention periods may be desirable) - 3 years

Internal audit reports (miscellaneous) - 3 years

Inventories of products, materials and supplies - 7 years

Invoices (to customers and vendors) - 7 years

Journals - Permanently

Magnetic tape and tab cards - 1 year

Veterinary client records (with X-rays) - 3 years

Controlled substance records - 5 years

Minute books of directors, stockholders, bylaws, and charter - Permanently

Notes receivable ledgers and schedules - 7 years

Option records (expired) - 7 years

Patents and related papers - Permanently

Payroll records and summaries - 7 years

Personnel files (terminated) - 7 years

Petty cash vouchers - 3 years

Physical inventory tags - 3 years

Plant cost ledgers - 7 years

Property appraisals by outside appraisers - Permanently

Property records, including costs, depreciation reserves, year end trial balances, depreciation schedules,
blueprints and plans - Permanently

Purchase orders (except purchasing department copy) - 1 year

Purchase orders (purchasing department copy) - 7 years

Receiving sheets - 1 year

Retirement and pension records - Permanently

Requisitions - 1 year

Sales commission reports - 3 years

Sales records - 7 years

Scrap and salvage records (inventories, sales, etc.) - 7 years

Stenographers’ notebooks - 1 year

Stock and bond certificates (canceled) - 7 years

Stockroom withdrawal forms - 1 year

Subsidiary ledgers - 7 years

Tax returns and worksheets, revenue agents’ reports, and other documents relating to determination of income tax liability - Permanently

Time books/cards - 7 years

Trademark registrations and copyrights - Permanently

Training manuals - Permanently

Union agreements - Permanently

Voucher register and schedules - 7 years

Vouchers for payments to vendors, employees, etc. (includes allowances, and reimbursement of employees, officers, etc., for travel and entertainment expenses)  - 7 years

Withholding tax statements - 7 years

Medical Records

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Veterinary Practice Management

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